Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

The Da Buddha Vaporizer built by 7th Floor, the manufacturers of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, is an aromatherapy vape which uses a glass wand/whip system that provides the consumer with a hands-free vaporizer. 7th Floor is a company situated in Colorado Springs, USA, which is where all their vaporizers, including the Silver Surfer Vaporizer are manufactured.

Da Buddha Vaporizer, known by its creators as the Silver Surfer Vaporizer’s little brother is an excellent affordable whip style vaporizer that gives easy temperature control for light to dense vapors. Also like its brother the SSV, Da Buddha is manufactured with a heavy duty aluminum body built to withstand daily abuse. Unlike its brother the Da Buddha has an additional cote which renders it scratch resistant. There are also specially made cases available should you require further protection.

The Da Buddha is available in two different colors – Silver and Black. The Black DBV costs slightly more because of the anodizing process associated with making it from silver to black. The shell is constructed of 1/5″ hardened aluminum and it has 4 rubber feet on the base in order to keep it stable. Aluminum was chosen for the casing of the vaporizer because it isn’t a fire hazard like wood and aluminum is a brilliant conductor for heat which keeps the outside cool. The DBV also includes a manual, spare screens and three year warranty against manufacturer faults.

For the first couple of uses you will need to try various heat settings to find the one suitable for you, this will obviously be effected by how dry/damp your smoke is. A higher temperature will generate a thicker vapor which will be more like traditional bong smoking; which is not what we want. A lower temperature will make for a better vaporizing session. Unfortunately there is no LED display but the DBV sports a knob to change the temperature. I personally have it set at 2 O’clock, but again its all down to your herb & preference. Apparently most herbs will com-bust at between 150-180C and the DBV’s lowest temp is at 200C so a lower temp will work best! Once you have had a session, if the remaining herb is a golden brown color then you have an ideal heat setting, should your bud be black then next time try a lower heat.

7th Floor has certainly out-done themselves in terms of manufacturing. Mouthpieces are produced from safe materials and all glass is heat resistant. The Da Buddha has all hot elements covered from the path of the vapor, this ensures that the vapor is as clean as it could possibly be – 7th Floor are the only company to do this. 7th floor have also looked at various other heating elements, and produced their own using the best features from each one studied. This ceramic heating element is patented and generates results in two minutes which is fantastic. A carrying bag made from natural hemp is also included with all Da Buddha vaporizers and has compartments for all the DBV accessories which is quite handy for trips away etc.

Overall, I regard this product as an exceptional vaporizer in terms of its features and price. I will admit, it’s not the best available but it certainly won’t disappoint!…


Stop smoking kit

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Blue Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review 2013

Unlike manual vapes, Blu Cigs deliver nicotine by simply puffing on the device. The tip glows every time you take a drag, mimicking the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. The taste of Blu is also very realistic – cartridges come in a range of flavors and strengths suited to different tastes. Taking e-cigarette design to another level, Blu Cigs offers a charging case that looks exactly like your regular flip-top box. Store up to five flavor cartridges plus a spare battery and slip it into your pocket just as you would with a regular pack.

Blu Cigs has even added a social feature to its charging cases, which notifies users when they are close to a retailer or when other Blu smokers are within a certain range.

These e-cigs can be used virtually anywhere including restaurants, bars and airport lounges. Some airlines even allow passengers to use Blu e-cigs while on board.

Blue Cigs takes pride in using only US-made ingredients in its e-liquid, formulated by smoke juice leader Johnson Creek.

Pros and Cons

Appearance is closest to a real cigarette
Convenient charging carry case is included in the starter kit
Remarkable taste from American-made Johnson Creek Smoke Juice
Great throat hit
Lightweight and compact
Excellent battery responsiveness
Offers disposables
Refill cartridge purchases include significant quantity discounts
Free shipping
One-year limited warranty
30 day money-back guarantee

Vaporizers volume is below average
Short battery life
Full Blu Cigs Review
Blu is designed for smokers who are trying to quit tobacco or simply looking for a healthier alternative. Not only do they sell electronic cigarettes – it is selling freedom. As pressure from passive smokers continues to build, more than 80% of Americans now find themselves living under some form of smoking ban.

You can smoke virtually anywhere, without leaving ash and cigarette butts all over the place. The appearance and taste of Blu weed vape are very similar to normal cigarettes. Even the Blu case looks like a flip-top pack, doubling as an on-the-go charger for your Blu batteries. The lightweight design is crumple-resistant, protecting your e-cigarettes from accidental damage and exposure to the elements.

Packaging and Style
The moment you open your Blu Cigs starter kit, you will be impressed with the quality and design of the product. Everything is well-crafted and packed for optimal convenience.

While most e-cigarette companies are busy trying to create every possible battery color, Blu eCigs takes the classy and sophisticated approach: black or white, with a thin gold band and the stylish Blu logo. The Blu Cigs battery is lightweight, compact and very easy to hold.

In keeping with the latest innovations in e-cigarette technology, Blu atomizers are now built directly into the flavor cartridge. The mouthpiece of each cartridge is covered with a silicone tip to prevent leakage. One-hole intake allows for maximized draw and resistance for a real cigarette feel.

To start using Blu E Cigs, attach a flavor cartridge to the battery and take several quick puffs. A blue light will glow at the tip of the ecig every time you draw on it.

The portable battery pack is one of Blu’s biggest attractions. Rather than connecting your ecig to a USB charger, you simply insert the battery in the case. There are seven slots in each pack, five to hold your cartridges, one to hold your spare battery, and one for charging. The inside of the pack is clearly labeled with easy-to-read icons to help keep everything organized.

Charging is very convenient – just drop your ecigs into the slots and close the flap, no …


Vapor King vaporizer

The best vaporizer manufacturers put great effort into their products’ visual appeal. We found it odd that Vapor King doesn’t follow the rest of the industry. Its packaging lacks the slick, modern appeal that’s so prevalent with many of its competitors’ vapes. However, once you get past that the packaging, you’ll find a solid eCig brand. The Vapor King vaping kit includes:

Two rechargeable lithium batteries
Two high-intensity atomizers
One five-pack of cartridges (your choice of strength and flavor, prefilled or empty)
One home outlet charger
One USB charger
Vapor King offers a selection of six different colored batteries. Among the various colors, the stainless steel, metallic blue and metallic red really stand out.

Vapor King recently introduced an all-new atomizer and cartridge system called eTank. Containing no cotton or absorbent material on the inside, the new eTank cartridge system allows for a cleaner taste and a more dependable vaping experience. The only potential negative is that the new cartridges do not last quite as long as their traditional counterparts do.

Vapor King offers more than eight different eLiquid flavors with which you can fill your cartridges. Some of the most popular flavors include Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Cherry, Apple and Strawberry. The tobacco flavor is full bodied and very bold, resulting in an acute throat hit – the sensation experienced while smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. Those seeking a smoother and more subtle vaping experience may want to consider more mild and palatable options such as Cherry, Apple or Strawberry.

Since Vapor King offers both automatic and manual batteries, you have the option to choose a battery that offers a more authentic smoking experience, automatic, or to select one that affords you more flexibility over the amount of vapor you inhale, manual. A manual battery offers more flexibility but requires you to activate a button located on the outside the battery to initiate operation. Most people switching from conventional cigarettes to eCigarettes prefer the simplicity of automatic batteries.

Vapor King users will enjoy approximately 200 puffs per battery charge, with batteries lasting somewhere between 200 to 300 charges before they need to be replaced. This number is competitive with industry standards.

The company falls short in providing comprehensive customer support and help. While Vapor King offers toll-free telephone and email support, it does not provide a FAQs page or live chat support. On the upside, a one-year warranty accompanies all Vapor King products, with the exception of its atomizers.

Vapor King Summary:
Vapor King may be a familiar name in the eCigarette industry, but the company is experiencing difficulty separating its eCigs from products that are more well rounded. While the decision to offer both automatic and manual batteries will appeal to a broader audience base, the lack of flavor options coupled with less-than-stellar customer service places the Vapor King kit squarely behind the eight ball.…


Halo G6 vaporizers

When you buy vap pens, there are many things to consider. Chief among these are flavor, nicotine level and style. Many eCig companies attempt to replicate their traditional tobacco predecessors. Halo takes a different approach. The company’s G6 line brings a futuristic and highly stylized eCigarette to the market. You will find the following in the basic starter kit:

Two G6 batteries
One wall charger
One USB adapter
Two empty cartomizers
Five filled cartomizers
One instructional manual
You have the option to purchase the G6 starter kit with two automatic batteries, two manual batteries or one of each, in a staggering selection of nine different colors. Halo covers all of its batteries with an anodized aluminum shell, lending a very smooth and stylish appearance to the product. With an abundance of customization options, it is apparent that Halo is striving to individualize its product in a market in which companies are often known to sacrifice style for substance.

Halo’s patented Thermoflow technology, when combined with Halo’s smoke juice, produces a slightly heated vapor that is suggestive of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Of all Halo’s innovative technology, we are especially impressed with Halo’s Flameguard, an anti-burn filler technology that keeps the cartomizer from burning. When filler from many cartomizers burns, the vapor not only tastes bad, but it may irritate your lungs as well.

Halo smoke juice is recognized as some of the finest eLiquid on the market. Halo offers 100-percent American-made smoke juice, resulting in a superior vaping experience. However, the flavor variety is average at best. Donning such inventive monikers as Torque 56, Captain Jack and Bella Valente, Halo’s host of cleverly named eLiquids are sure to please even the most seasoned electronic cigarette devotee. Of the 14 flavors offered, our top three favorites are:

Torque56: This is a well-rounded tobacco flavor that’s sure to please those who prefer the taste of a conventional cigarette.

Tribeca: This is an ultra-smooth tobacco eLiquid that possesses a hint of sweetness.

Midnight Apple: This pleasing blend of hearty tobacco coupled with the taste of Granny Smith apples is sweet, yet dry.

Not only does the G6 produce a copious amount of vapor, but the resulting vapor is also incredibly full bodied and smooth, reducing the “throat hit” – the harsh sensation in your throat associated with traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, you will be responsible for filling your own cartomizers, and you’ll have the challenge of trying not to mix flavors in the process.

Halo G6 batteries come in an assortment of nine satin-finished colors, all featuring a slow-dimming LED. New eCig smokers often prefer the simplicity of automatic batteries, which activate when you inhale. Seasoned smokers often prefer a manual battery, believing that they produce a larger amount of dry vaporizer.

With proper maintenance, the G6’s batteries will last three to six months. You should expect 200 to 300 puffs per charge, or roughly that of 20 to 30 cigarettes.

Halo’s support and help is solid, if not spectacular. Contacting Halo representatives is easy with a contact form in the support section of the homepage. Curiously, we could not locate a telephone number on Halo’s website.

Customers can follow Halo on Facebook and Twitter to receive discounts and opportunities to win free Halo merchandise. The Halo G6 basic starter kit comes with a one-year warranty, should any problems arise.

Halo Summary:
The refined and polished aesthetics of the Halo G6 basic starter kit conjure up images of old Hollywood and affords those looking to enjoy a smoke to do so with a sense of style and panache. Lest you think …


HerbalAire vaporizer

The herbalAire H2.1 herbal vaporizer is a very sleek vaporizer made with durable high tech materials. The herbalAire herbal vaporizer has Teflon material for safe herbal temperatures. The outside of this herbal vaporizer is made of glass filled nylon. This isolates the vaporizing air from the heat source which keeps the bad materials from tainting the vapor. The temperature can be set just right, at the lowest temperature, to remove the active ingredients.

This herbal vaporizer unit comes with both a bag to fill with vapor or a whip and uses about 4–6 times less herbs when compared to smoking. The temperature control on this herbal vaporizer ranges from 250 deg. F to 400 deg. F. There are 18 tiny jets that produce heated air in a precise manner so that the herb blend is only permeated with each vapor inhalation. This function proves to preserve your herbal blend especially in idle use.

The herbalAire herbal vaporizer kit includes:

herbalAire Vaporizer bag fill system – pump, tubing with connector and 2 bags
Mouthpiece Kit – mouthpiece, 2 extensions, a stir tool and removable herb cup
Whip for direct inhalation
12 ft. power cord
This herbal vaporizer has been proven to extract 2 or more additional bags of spent herb than most other popular vaporizers. It heats up in 2 minutes. This vaporizer is a compact size. It has a temperature dial which is a tri–colored LED that alerts when it’s ready.

This herbal vaporizer truly delivers the performance that you need and at a great price when compared to other models on the market. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Using the herbalAire Vaporizer is very easy. After plugging in the base and the pump, just fill the provided bowl with an herb blend. To use the bag system, attach the bag into the mouthpiece, turning the allotted dial 360 degrees. Set the temperature – the light will turn on to indicate that the selected temperature has been reached. Turn on the pump switch and watch as the bag is filled with vapor. The process usually completes in as fast as 1 to 2 minutes. Turn the pump off after.…


Cigarette – Cigarette Study Exposes Position of California and Others

Cigarette – Cigarette Study Exposes Position of California and Others

What happens when legitimate, scientific volcano vape studies are held up in comparison to junk science? Even the casual observer notices a big difference. A great recent example being the difference between a just-released study as published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology and a most controversial report recently released by the State of California, USA. We will start with the latter.

The State of California has officially declared vaping a public health hazard to be avoided at all costs. However, as Boston University’s Dr. Michael Siegel points out on his Tobacco Analysis Blog, the State selectively chose to base their report only on research that would support their predetermined conclusion, while entirely ignoring contradictory evidence. Siegel specifically referenced the data they used to claim that e-cigarettes are not effective for smoking cessation.

It turns out that the research the State referenced was never intended to answer the ‘cessation question’ at all. The author of that research has said as much repeatedly. At the same time, State officials chose to ignore three other studies that not only were intended to address the cessation question, but also proved that people can effectively quit smoking through vaping.

Moving on, the previously mentioned legitimate study, just-published in Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology was designed to measure the harmful and potentially harmful constituents (HPHCs) of tobacco smoke, as compared to those of e-cigarette vapor. Two important aspects of this study should not be ignored:

Blank air measurements were included, along with tobacco smoke and dry herb vape
The studied aerosol mass of the e-cig vapor was similar in composition to the respective e-liquids.
These two factors show that the measurements of all three air samples were believable and properly comparable, unlike the other recent study (as published in the New England Journal of Medicine) that required researchers to overheat and burn atomizer coils in order to produce formaldehyde.

In simple terms, this latest research compares ‘apples to apples’ rather than ‘apples to oranges’, as we are seeing so often lately.

Lo and behold, these researchers discovered the following:

e-cig vapor is primarily made up of propylene glycol/glycerin and water
e-cig vapor contained 85% less nicotine than cigarette smoke
the volume of HPHCs in the e-cig vapor were consistent with those found in the blank air samples
the volume of HPHCs in tobacco smoke were 1,500 times greater than e-cig vapor
none of the HPHCs that researchers tested for was found in e-cigarette vapor.
The results of this study are stunning, to anyone who cares to take the time to fully absorb them. They reinforce the ‘tobacco harm reduction’ argument that e-cigarette advocates have been making for years. Moreover, unlike the recent report issued by the State of California, the results of this study are both verifiable and reproducible.

Given the clear and obvious potential for tobacco harm reduction with e-cigs, it is vitally important that any cigarette/e-cigarette study used to stake a position on vaping be both credible and relevant to the assertions it is being used to support. Not only is that good science, it is also simple intellectual honesty.…


Ecig Offers Five Ways to Compare Electronic Cigarettes with Tobacco

Are you among the estimated 10 million Britons who smoke tobacco dry herb vape? If so, we want you to know that the e-cigarette offers a viable alternative that millions of people, just like you, have already determined is superior to traditional cigarettes. If you are willing to compare electronic cigarettes to tobacco with an open mind, you may very well reach the same conclusion. Make no mistake; electronic cigarettes are an entirely different product. With e-cigs, there is no:
tar, carbon monoxide, etc.
offensive odor
yellowing stain
smoke or second hand smoke.
When you choose electronic cigarettes, you are choosing a product experts are now saying could potentially save millions of lives. To encourage you to give them a try, we’ve put together a list of five ways to compare electronic cigarettes with tobacco: Couple comparing electronic cigarettes in their home
1. Smoke or Vapor
The most important difference between tobacco and e-cigarettes should be as plain as the difference between ‘smoke’ and ‘vapor’. Tobacco cigarettes make use of the combustion process to create smoke filled with toxic chemicals and carcinogens. E-cigarettes use the atomization process to transform a nicotine liquid into a vapor. We encourage you to take a look at some of the research cited by the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association UK relating to the safety of both e-cigarette liquid and vapor. The scientific evidence shows, at this point, there is likely no real concern about either one. It is certainly worth taking a look.
2. Passive Exposure
It has long been held by the medical community that passive smoking is nearly as dangerous as direct smoking. Moreover, although that belief is now in question, a number of studies have conclusively shown that there is little danger by way of passive vaping. According to Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University, the latest such study showed no detectable amounts of 11 volatile organic compounds normally found in tobacco smoke as well as trace amounts of nicotine that were 10 times lower. Simply put, the study reveals that passive vaping is not actually a health threat to bystanders.
3. By-products
Two of the by-products of tobacco smoking are offensive odors and yellowing stains. Both are a direct result of heavy particulates in tobacco smoke that penetrate clothing, hair, etc. However, since electronic cigarette vapor does not contain the same heavy particulates, it does not leave behind the odors and stains.
4. Public Use
All across the UK, it is illegal to smoke in public places. Not so with electronic cigarettes. As long as property owners and/or managers do not object, you are free to vape just about anywhere tobacco smoking has been banned. Just be sure to check with management before you begin.
5. Annual Cost
The average 20-a-day smoker in the UK spends about £2,920 annually on tobacco. For someone making the average salary of £26,000, that is more than 10% of their annual income.…


Premium Vapes PR110

eCigs are fast becoming a stylish alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Premium Vapes earns a spot on our best eCigarette review because of its combination of design, dependability, flavor options and tiered nicotine levels.

Premium Vapes offers 20 eCig options. Traditionalists will enjoy the hearty and robust Tobacco and Carmel flavors, while those who possess a varied and adventurous palate will want to try such flavors as Green Cherry and Blueberry. From rich and satisfying Tobacco to the subtle, nuanced flavors of Irish Cream, Premium’s flavors are smooth and satisfying.

The Premium Vapes Premium Electronic Cigarette PR110 starter kit contains the following components:

Two rechargeable batteries in the color of your choice
Six refillable cartridges
A USB charger
An AC adapter
Premium’s two-part portable vaporizers design makes cartridge replacement extremely easy. You simply unscrew the empty refill cartridge and screw on a new one. Turning its back on the industry’s typical selection of batteries, Premium caters to a brash and independent generation full of individuals who are eager to assert their individuality. Along with camouflage and marbled batteries, Premium offers an array of custom-designed batteries. Premium’s full line of colored batteries includes Brown Camouflage, Green Camouflage, Green Marble, Brown Marble, Indigo, Orange, Purple, White, Black, Platinum, Blue, Pink, Green, Burgundy and Gold.

Only automatic batteries are available for the Premium Electronic Cigarette kit. If you’re looking to mirror a traditional smoking experience, you will appreciate the ease of use associated with automatic batteries; however, veteran vapors might wish that a manual battery were at least an available option.

Each charge of a Premium battery will yield approximately 200 to 250 puffs, which is roughly the equivalent of 20 to 25 cigarettes. While this figure doesn’t rank among the highest in the eCigarette industry, it’s a solid figure that’s sure to please both new and experienced vapors.

With proper care, your Premium Electronic Cigarette batteries will allow for approximately 300 charges before they’ll need to be replaced. To prevent battery damage, be careful not to overfill your cartridges because the eLiquid can spill and damage the battery, voiding your warranty as well.

Premium Vapes Summary:
With a color palette rivaling that of Crayola crayons, Premium’s great selection of battery colors is impressive. The company also provides a seemingly infinite number of satisfying flavors. We appreciate that the company offers four nicotine levels to help smokers taper their nicotine intake if their desire is to eventually quit.…


Do You Vape University of Arizona Wants to Know

Do You Vape? University of Arizona Wants to Know

Do you vape? If so, researchers at an American university want to know about it. The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that the University of Arizona has received a $2.7 million (£1.72 million) grant to study the question of why people use electronic cigarettes. It is an interesting study, to say the least.

We certainly don’t want to be critical of any legitimate research involving electronic cigarettes or vaping. However we are little confused, as this question has already been answered multiple times, by studies conducted since back in 2011. For example, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) publishes an annual review outlining who uses electronic cigarettes, how the devices are being used, and why they are being used.

Year after year, the number one reason people give for taking up vaping is a desire to eliminate tobacco use from their lives. In simple terms, they are vaping in order to replace smoking. Other reasons given include:

using e-cigs as an aide to a quit-smoking attempt
to help reduce tobacco consumption without quitting entirely
to save money over the higher cost of tobacco
using e-cigarettes as an alternative where smoking is banned
to avoid exposing others to second hand smoke and smells
These reasons, and the percentage of respondents who mention them in the ASH surveys, have remained largely unchanged since the anti-smoking group began compiling the information. We expect the University of Arizona to come up with very similar numbers, despite spending millions of pounds scouring Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social media outlets. It would be interesting to know where the funding for this study is coming from too.

We also find it curious that researchers have chosen social media as their data collection point. The limited information we have about the study does not seem to indicate researchers will be asking participants any direct questions about e-cigarette use per se, but will instead be gathering observational data from social media channels. This seems to be a complex way to compile information on a subject that can otherwise be answered by plenty of other sources considered substantially more reliable.

Why Do YOU Vape?
In light of the University of Arizona research, we want to ask you why you vape. But don’t tell us your answer. Instead, tell it to any tobacco smoker you know who has not yet made the switch. Tell them why you appreciate vaping as an alternative to smoking, and even better, why you have chosen E cig as your brand. The more that legitimate vapers can spread the truth about vaping, the less we will have to worry about misinformation being spread by electronic cigarette opponents.

If you are not yet a vaper, what is holding you back? Electronic cigarettes offer you a smoking alternative that lets you enjoy your nicotine habit without exposing yourself to toxic cigarette smoke. E-cigarettes cost less, they do not leave behind smoke odors and stains, and they let you regulate your own nicotine intake.

Do you vape? If not, you can try vaping today with a E cig e-cigarette from your local retailer – to find your local, just do a quick search by postcode using our handy online store finder.…