Apollo best dry herb vaporizer

In a tech world where design and style often replace substance and usability, vaporizers manufacturers often weight looks over functionality. Such is not the case with Apollo. Adopting the philosophy that simplicity is often best, Apollo eschews a broad selection of batteries in favor of either black or white. While the colors may not elicit much excitement, the battery retains a clean and polished appearance.

Countering the lack of battery selection, Premium offers more than a dozen high-grade eLiquids. Apollo makes all its eLiquids in the U.S., and they contain 99-percent pure, laboratory-grade nicotine. Apollo’s eLiquid is contained in small, 10-milliliter childproof bottles that can be easily tucked away in your pocket, enabling you to fill your blank cartridges on the go. Many of Apollo’s eLiquids represent a playful twist on some of your favorite childhood desserts and candies.

While you certainly won’t confuse Apollo’s vapor production with the billowing plumes of smoke emitted from traditional cigarettes, Apollo’s vaporizer is substantial. We appreciate the significant throat hit (the sensation in the back of the throat experienced when smoking a traditional cigarette) associated with this eCigarette’s vapor.

This Apollo unit comes with an automatic battery. Many eCig smokers prefer an automatic battery because it seems to provide a much more authentic smoking experience. Each charge of the included batteries grants you an astounding 350 to 400 puffs, or the equivalent of 35 to 40 cigarettes. These numbers put the Apollo Kit at the forefront of the eCigarette industry in this category.

Providing you take proper care of your Apollo batteries, you will be able to charge each battery roughly 300 times before it dies.

Not only does Apollo offer sterling customer service, but the areas of support featured on its website are laid out clearly. Toll-free telephone support is available weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Along with thorough FAQs, Apollo furnishes its customers with a convenient and helpful live chat feature.

Included on Apollo’s homepage is a practical savings calculator that tallies how much you will save by switching from traditional cigarettes to Apollo eCigarettes. Along with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty, Apollo offers free shipping on all orders over $30.

Despite minimal design options, the excellent battery life, selection of nicotine levels, good vapor production and quality customer service make the Apollo Kit worth considering.…