Analogues or ECigs Now Offer Both Choices

In the old days, there were not many attractive choices for tobacco smokers looking for an alternative. Smokers could choose from nicotine patches, gum, inhalers, medications, and snus. However, all of these products have one glaring problem: they do not satisfy the needs of the smoker by replicating the smoking experience. Enter the age of electronics. Cigarettes containing tobacco are now being quickly replaced by an electronic alternative that offers:
something to hold in your hand
the hand-to-mouth experience
the ability to self-regulate nicotine intake
a remarkably similar experience.
Replicating the Experience
Critics of electronic cigarettes cannot understand why smokers love them as they do. What they do not realize is that the smoking habit is about a lot more than simply inhaling nicotine. It includes the following components:
The Habit – Smoking involves several different habitual behaviors including holding a cigarette in the hand and putting it to the mouth to inhale. These habitual behaviors are just as strong in the lives of smokers as biting the fingernails or compulsively hand washing is to others.
The Experience – It goes without saying that most smokers find the experience very relaxing and calming. That’s why so many smokers begin and end the day with a cigarette. It’s not the nicotine that calms and soothes ­– nicotine is a stimulant – it is the experience.
Social Aspects – Have you seen groups of smokers congregate together at pubs or other entertainment venues? That’s because smoking is as much a social event as a personal habit. Whether cigarettes are analogues or electronics, that social aspect is important in the life of the smoker.
A Smoking Alternative
Now that we’ve established why smokers find electronic cigarettes more attractive than tobacco smoking, it is important to note that the products are manufactured and sold as a ‘tobacco alternative’. Nothing more, nothing less. Companies like E cig intend our products only for adults who currently use tobacco. As Boston University’s Dr. Michael Siegel so eloquently puts it, companies like E cig are not in the business of creating new smokers or encouraging current smokers to keep smoking. We want them to stop smoking by switching to vaping instead. E cig does promote electronic cigarettes as the best tobacco alternative based on our own experience and the response of our customers. Just take a few moments to read some of the comments left on our website to see for yourself. You might even consider joining the E-Cigarette Forum if you want to know what vapers around the world are saying about the products.
Choosing E cig
Not only are vaporizers the best tobacco alternative out there, E cig is one of the best brands in the UK. We challenge you to put our products to the test if you are still using tobacco. If you’re using another e-cig brand, why not compare it to E cig. E cig has long been an industry leader in the UK, having been one of the first companies to bring the products to this country. Since then, we have built a loyal customer base through quality products and great prices. We invite you to join the E cig community today. When it comes to the choice between analogues and electronics, cigarettes from E cig are the clear winner.…