Electronic cigarette design components

Take a look under the hood and find out how White Cloud oil vaporizer pen work.

How E Cigarettes Work
An cheap vaporizer is a nicotine delivery device that produces flavored vapor rather than smoke. There are two primary types of e cigarette: disposable and rechargeable. Disposables are one-piece systems and are simply enjoyed for as long as their nicotine fluid lasts, then replaced when the product ceases to produce vapor. They do not require charging or refilling. A rechargeable e dry vaporizer is composed of two parts — a cartridge that holds the nicotine-infused liquid and the battery. The battery is charged as needed and the cartridge replaced when fluid has been exhausted.

Product Components
A White Cloud e cigarette battery is comprised of a battery case, a lithium polymer battery, an LED indicator, the cartridge connector, a stopper, and an ash tip. When you inhale, the rechargeable lithium polymer battery powers the heating coil, converting the nicotine liquid and flavors into a vapor and the LED indicator lights up at the ash tip. The cartridge connector allows for a perfect fit with all of White Cloud’s ClearDraw and SmoothDraw cartridges.

Electronic Cigarette – How It Works
Electronic Cigarette Cartridge – Smooth Draw Technology
The White Cloud e cigarette cartridge is perfectly engineered to deliver the highest possible vaping experience. The design begins with the cartridge’s scavenging whiskers, three extra long braided whiskers that increase the amount of liquid contacting the heater coil.

Next is the high density captive wadding. This section of material prevents flooding of the heater coil and provides adequate liquid to be scavenged by the whiskers. Then comes the low density captive wadding. This material holds the majority of the liquid captive, providing additional protection against coil flood. All of this is placed inside the casing, then wrapped with lightweight vinyl packaging, allowing you to vape in comfort and style.…