Why E-Cigarettes are the Best Smoking Alternative

Steady Stream of vape News Shows Popularity of Products
Here’s a question: how often do you hear news reports about nicotine patches or smoking cessation pharmaceuticals? Not very often at all. The fact is that these products are not very popular among smokers. Yet the steady stream of e-cig news being made available almost on a daily basis only serves to demonstrate how popular vaping products are .According to recent statistics there are approximately:
1.3 million e-cig users in the UK
2.3 million e-cig users in Germany
more than 2 million e-cig users in the US
500,000 e-cig users in France
500,000 e-cig users in Italy.
The statistics do not even take into account the millions of others around the world using this incredible tobacco alternative. Perhaps it would be beneficial for us to discuss the reasons why these products are so popular. Group of friends playing pool vaping e cigs
Meeting Needs of Smokers
There are those in society who thoroughly enjoy smoking to the extent that sadly they do not intend to ever give it up. At the same time, they know cigarette smoke has some nasty side effects of which they want no part. The problem is finding a suitable substitute that allows them to continue enjoying the habit of smoking without the smoke itself. Enter the electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes are the perfect smoking alternative because they meet all of the needs of the smoker without the dangerous smoke. Consider the following:
the e-cig gives you something familiar to hold in your hand
nicotine delivery is through inhalation, just like a tobacco cigarette
e-cigs allow the smoker to continue the social aspects of the habit.
According to Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University, a leading authority on tobacco and a good friend of the e-cigarette industry, the habit of smoking is at least as addictive as nicotine itself; for some people even more so. He talks about this and many other topics on his highly regarded Tobacco Analysis blog.
Meeting Goals of Anti-Smoking Campaigns
One of the more interesting ironies of most e-cig news stories is the fact that statistics like those we referenced above are used to demonstrate the popularity of vaping. Yet those same stories go on to decry e-cigarettes as not being effective for smoking cessation. We cannot say whether e-cigarettes do help people quit smoking based on clinical evidence. However, we can say that for every smoker who makes the switch, that’s fewer tobacco cigarettes being consumed. It’s no coincidence that worldwide tobacco revenues have fallen proportionally due to the increase in electronic cigarette sales. The fact that Big Tobacco is also now involved in the industry is further evidence that e-cigarettes are helping to achieve the goals set forth by anti-smoking organizations. So then, it would appear the question comes down to what the benefits of using e-cigarettes for harm reduction might be. The researchers at Tobacco Harm Reduction are pursuing answers to this question as part of their ongoing mission. Dr. Siegel also speaks extensively on this topic.…