Do You Vape University of Arizona Wants to Know

Do You Vape? University of Arizona Wants to Know

Do you vape? If so, researchers at an American university want to know about it. The Arizona Daily Star is reporting that the University of Arizona has received a $2.7 million (£1.72 million) grant to study the question of why people use electronic cigarettes. It is an interesting study, to say the least.

We certainly don’t want to be critical of any legitimate research involving electronic cigarettes or vaping. However we are little confused, as this question has already been answered multiple times, by studies conducted since back in 2011. For example, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) publishes an annual review outlining who uses electronic cigarettes, how the devices are being used, and why they are being used.

Year after year, the number one reason people give for taking up vaping is a desire to eliminate tobacco use from their lives. In simple terms, they are vaping in order to replace smoking. Other reasons given include:

using e-cigs as an aide to a quit-smoking attempt
to help reduce tobacco consumption without quitting entirely
to save money over the higher cost of tobacco
using e-cigarettes as an alternative where smoking is banned
to avoid exposing others to second hand smoke and smells
These reasons, and the percentage of respondents who mention them in the ASH surveys, have remained largely unchanged since the anti-smoking group began compiling the information. We expect the University of Arizona to come up with very similar numbers, despite spending millions of pounds scouring Facebook, Twitter and a host of other social media outlets. It would be interesting to know where the funding for this study is coming from too.

We also find it curious that researchers have chosen social media as their data collection point. The limited information we have about the study does not seem to indicate researchers will be asking participants any direct questions about e-cigarette use per se, but will instead be gathering observational data from social media channels. This seems to be a complex way to compile information on a subject that can otherwise be answered by plenty of other sources considered substantially more reliable.

Why Do YOU Vape?
In light of the University of Arizona research, we want to ask you why you vape. But don’t tell us your answer. Instead, tell it to any tobacco smoker you know who has not yet made the switch. Tell them why you appreciate vaping as an alternative to smoking, and even better, why you have chosen E cig as your brand. The more that legitimate vapers can spread the truth about vaping, the less we will have to worry about misinformation being spread by electronic cigarette opponents.

If you are not yet a vaper, what is holding you back? Electronic cigarettes offer you a smoking alternative that lets you enjoy your nicotine habit without exposing yourself to toxic cigarette smoke. E-cigarettes cost less, they do not leave behind smoke odors and stains, and they let you regulate your own nicotine intake.

Do you vape? If not, you can try vaping today with a E cig e-cigarette from your local retailer – to find your local, just do a quick search by postcode using our handy online store finder.…


Electronic Cigarettes on Planes Recommends That It’s Best to Be Cautious

Portable vaporizers on Planes Recommends That It’s Best to Be Cautious

During the early days of portable weed vaporizer marketing, it was common for companies to make statements like, ‘smoke anywhere’ or ‘vape where ever tobacco cigarettes aren’t allowed’. Such marketing tactics have been questioned recently, especially when it comes to in-flight vaping. People who smoke may be inclined to use some sort of nicotine device when flying because they are:
anxious while in flight
weary from extended travel
stressed from the airport environment
truly terrified of flying.
Some will choose to use the nicotine patch while others make use of inhalers, gum, lozenges, or pharmaceutical products. Unfortunately, electronic cigarettes are an option on fewer flights around the world .
Planes in the UK
Current UK law does not include e-cigarettes in public smoking bans. In essence, it is legal to vape in any public place with one exception: when a property owner or manager objects to such activity. The ability to object allows for wide latitude among all industries, including airlines. A few years ago, it was not uncommon for airlines to welcome electronic cigarettes among smoking passengers. However, that’s starting to change. Surveys taken among the largest airlines flying in the UK shows a growing trend of banning the devices in-flight. Interestingly enough, the most common reason offered for not allowing electronic cigarettes on planes is the fact that they could cause confusion to others. Airline executives say that if vaping is confused with smoking, it could encourage other smokers to light up tobacco cigarettes – which are definitely not allowed. It would appear as though the question of second hand vapor is not even considered within the UK airline industry. And with good reason. Research referenced by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) and others shows there’s nothing to be concerned about.
Planes in the US
The situation in the USA is a bit different. To understand, it first must be noted that there is no national policy toward smoking in America. Smoking regulations are left to individual states and municipalities. Therefore, no nationwide e-cigarette ban exists. In 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that e-cigarettes are included in the smoking ban for US-based planes. However, that rule has never been codified as an official regulation. It is just a statement made by an agency spokesperson and issued in a press release. So technically, vaping on American planes is still legal under the law. That said, every US airline has a policy against the practice. That essentially makes the FAA regulations a moot point. Airlines have the right to limit vaping in the US, just as they do in the UK.
Quick Summary
In summary, the best advice we can offer is always to use caution if you plan to use electronic cigarettes on planes. You might consider asking the flight crew about company policy before you use your personal vaporizer. Don’t forget, every airline has a different policy so check it out first .…


Your Definitive Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

Trying out electronic cigarettes for the first time is guaranteed to be an interesting experience. Perhaps you have heard of these innovative devices before or seen them advertised on TV or on-line. Maybe you just haven’t yet gotten around to giving them a try, but you are definitely curious. Electronic cigarettes are special because they provide an experience that is virtually identical to cigarette smoking. That’s right – electronic cigarettes look and feel a lot like real cigarettes. You get all of the smoking pleasure without almost any of the downsides, and all of this comes at an extraordinarily low price by comparison to a tobacco habit.
How electronic cigarettes work
Most rechargeable electronic cigarettes these days are 2-piece models. The two main parts include a cartomizer (containing your choice of flavor and nicotine strength e-liquid, as well as a built-in atomizer), and a rechargeable battery. The battery powers the atomizer inside the cartomizer, which completes the purpose of converting the nicotine solution known as “e-liquid” into a water-based vapor that is perfect for inhalation. Rechargeable e cigarettes can use pre-filled cartomizers that need to be replaced whenever the e-liquid is depleted. Couple in a café vaping electronic cigarettes from VapestickYou can buy refill cartomizers for an astoundingly low price. On-line electronic cigarette stores often sell pre-filled cartomizers in packs 2 to 5. Each cartomizer usually costs around £2, and lasts the equivalent of up to 25 to 30 cigarettes of ‘smoke time’, depending on the brand and model selected. Given the price of a packed of 20 cigarettes today is over £8, you can see the potential for big money savings is high. Most electronic cigarettes work with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can recharge this battery using a USB charger on any compatible device, or pairing it with a wall plug adaptor and using any standard mains socket. From some companies you can purchase Charger Case, allowing you to recharge depleted batteries ‘on the go’ too. Most e smoking gurus recommend always having 2 or more batteries for your electronic cigarette, as this enables you to have back-up power whilst you re-charge the other battery.
Which one to buy?
There are quite a few different options to look into these days. If you have never smoked an electronic cigarette before, then you might want to give disposable electronic cigarettes a try. These cost between 6 and 10 pounds and you’ll get a unit that will last you a fair amount of puff time (130 to 800 puffs, depending on which model you go for) – at least long enough to make up your mind about investing in a rechargeable model. Electronic cigarettes are fairly easy to obtain from on-line and retails stores, so at this stage, its the price that will probably be the main thing that concerns you. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are the option of choice for e-smokers who want to stay e-smokers. You can save a lot of money with electronic cigarettes. You’d have to spend between 20 to 50 pounds on a good quality e-cig starter kit and then purchase refills regularly thereafter, and, less frequently, batteries (every 8 to 10 weeks to maintain optimum performance). The money you save on a rechargeable e-cig is a lot more than offered by disposable electronic cigarettes, but the disposable variety are usually the ideal option for those who are at first unsure of e cigs and want to try them out before investing for the longer term in either a single or full e-cigarette starter kit. Once you have made the full time switch to vaping, a …