Premium Vapes PR110

eCigs are fast becoming a stylish alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Premium Vapes earns a spot on our best eCigarette review because of its combination of design, dependability, flavor options and tiered nicotine levels.

Premium Vapes offers 20 eCig options. Traditionalists will enjoy the hearty and robust Tobacco and Carmel flavors, while those who possess a varied and adventurous palate will want to try such flavors as Green Cherry and Blueberry. From rich and satisfying Tobacco to the subtle, nuanced flavors of Irish Cream, Premium’s flavors are smooth and satisfying.

The Premium Vapes Premium Electronic Cigarette PR110 starter kit contains the following components:

Two rechargeable batteries in the color of your choice
Six refillable cartridges
A USB charger
An AC adapter
Premium’s two-part portable vaporizers design makes cartridge replacement extremely easy. You simply unscrew the empty refill cartridge and screw on a new one. Turning its back on the industry’s typical selection of batteries, Premium caters to a brash and independent generation full of individuals who are eager to assert their individuality. Along with camouflage and marbled batteries, Premium offers an array of custom-designed batteries. Premium’s full line of colored batteries includes Brown Camouflage, Green Camouflage, Green Marble, Brown Marble, Indigo, Orange, Purple, White, Black, Platinum, Blue, Pink, Green, Burgundy and Gold.

Only automatic batteries are available for the Premium Electronic Cigarette kit. If you’re looking to mirror a traditional smoking experience, you will appreciate the ease of use associated with automatic batteries; however, veteran vapors might wish that a manual battery were at least an available option.

Each charge of a Premium battery will yield approximately 200 to 250 puffs, which is roughly the equivalent of 20 to 25 cigarettes. While this figure doesn’t rank among the highest in the eCigarette industry, it’s a solid figure that’s sure to please both new and experienced vapors.

With proper care, your Premium Electronic Cigarette batteries will allow for approximately 300 charges before they’ll need to be replaced. To prevent battery damage, be careful not to overfill your cartridges because the eLiquid can spill and damage the battery, voiding your warranty as well.

Premium Vapes Summary:
With a color palette rivaling that of Crayola crayons, Premium’s great selection of battery colors is impressive. The company also provides a seemingly infinite number of satisfying flavors. We appreciate that the company offers four nicotine levels to help smokers taper their nicotine intake if their desire is to eventually quit.…