The herbalAire H2.1 herbal vaporizer is a very sleek vaporizer made with durable high tech materials. The herbalAire herbal vaporizer has Teflon material for safe herbal temperatures. The outside of this herbal vaporizer is made of glass filled nylon. This isolates the vaporizing air from the heat source which keeps the bad materials from tainting the vapor. The temperature can be set just right, at the lowest temperature, to remove the active ingredients.

This herbal vaporizer unit comes with both a bag to fill with vapor or a whip and uses about 4–6 times less herbs when compared to smoking. The temperature control on this herbal vaporizer ranges from 250 deg. F to 400 deg. F. There are 18 tiny jets that produce heated air in a precise manner so that the herb blend is only permeated with each vapor inhalation. This function proves to preserve your herbal blend especially in idle use.

The herbalAire herbal vaporizer kit includes:

herbalAire Vaporizer bag fill system – pump, tubing with connector and 2 bags
Mouthpiece Kit – mouthpiece, 2 extensions, a stir tool and removable herb cup
Whip for direct inhalation
12 ft. power cord
This herbal vaporizer has been proven to extract 2 or more additional bags of spent herb than most other popular vaporizers. It heats up in 2 minutes. This vaporizer is a compact size. It has a temperature dial which is a tri–colored LED that alerts when it’s ready.

This herbal vaporizer truly delivers the performance that you need and at a great price when compared to other models on the market. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Using the herbalAire Vaporizer is very easy. After plugging in the base and the pump, just fill the provided bowl with an herb blend. To use the bag system, attach the bag into the mouthpiece, turning the allotted dial 360 degrees. Set the temperature – the light will turn on to indicate that the selected temperature has been reached. Turn on the pump switch and watch as the bag is filled with vapor. The process usually completes in as fast as 1 to 2 minutes. Turn the pump off after.

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