Halo G6 vaporizers

When you buy vap pens, there are many things to consider. Chief among these are flavor, nicotine level and style. Many eCig companies attempt to replicate their traditional tobacco predecessors. Halo takes a different approach. The company’s G6 line brings a futuristic and highly stylized eCigarette to the market. You will find the following in the basic starter kit:

Two G6 batteries
One wall charger
One USB adapter
Two empty cartomizers
Five filled cartomizers
One instructional manual
You have the option to purchase the G6 starter kit with two automatic batteries, two manual batteries or one of each, in a staggering selection of nine different colors. Halo covers all of its batteries with an anodized aluminum shell, lending a very smooth and stylish appearance to the product. With an abundance of customization options, it is apparent that Halo is striving to individualize its product in a market in which companies are often known to sacrifice style for substance.

Halo’s patented Thermoflow technology, when combined with Halo’s smoke juice, produces a slightly heated vapor that is suggestive of a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Of all Halo’s innovative technology, we are especially impressed with Halo’s Flameguard, an anti-burn filler technology that keeps the cartomizer from burning. When filler from many cartomizers burns, the vapor not only tastes bad, but it may irritate your lungs as well.

Halo smoke juice is recognized as some of the finest eLiquid on the market. Halo offers 100-percent American-made smoke juice, resulting in a superior vaping experience. However, the flavor variety is average at best. Donning such inventive monikers as Torque 56, Captain Jack and Bella Valente, Halo’s host of cleverly named eLiquids are sure to please even the most seasoned electronic cigarette devotee. Of the 14 flavors offered, our top three favorites are:

Torque56: This is a well-rounded tobacco flavor that’s sure to please those who prefer the taste of a conventional cigarette.

Tribeca: This is an ultra-smooth tobacco eLiquid that possesses a hint of sweetness.

Midnight Apple: This pleasing blend of hearty tobacco coupled with the taste of Granny Smith apples is sweet, yet dry.

Not only does the G6 produce a copious amount of vapor, but the resulting vapor is also incredibly full bodied and smooth, reducing the “throat hit” – the harsh sensation in your throat associated with traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, you will be responsible for filling your own cartomizers, and you’ll have the challenge of trying not to mix flavors in the process.

Halo G6 batteries come in an assortment of nine satin-finished colors, all featuring a slow-dimming LED. New eCig smokers often prefer the simplicity of automatic batteries, which activate when you inhale. Seasoned smokers often prefer a manual battery, believing that they produce a larger amount of dry vaporizer.

With proper maintenance, the G6’s batteries will last three to six months. You should expect 200 to 300 puffs per charge, or roughly that of 20 to 30 cigarettes.

Halo’s support and help is solid, if not spectacular. Contacting Halo representatives is easy with a contact form in the support section of the homepage. Curiously, we could not locate a telephone number on Halo’s website.

Customers can follow Halo on Facebook and Twitter to receive discounts and opportunities to win free Halo merchandise. The Halo G6 basic starter kit comes with a one-year warranty, should any problems arise.

Halo Summary:
The refined and polished aesthetics of the Halo G6 basic starter kit conjure up images of old Hollywood and affords those looking to enjoy a smoke to do so with a sense of style and panache. Lest you think …