Vapor King vaporizer

The best vaporizer manufacturers put great effort into their products’ visual appeal. We found it odd that Vapor King doesn’t follow the rest of the industry. Its packaging lacks the slick, modern appeal that’s so prevalent with many of its competitors’ vapes. However, once you get past that the packaging, you’ll find a solid eCig brand. The Vapor King vaping kit includes:

Two rechargeable lithium batteries
Two high-intensity atomizers
One five-pack of cartridges (your choice of strength and flavor, prefilled or empty)
One home outlet charger
One USB charger
Vapor King offers a selection of six different colored batteries. Among the various colors, the stainless steel, metallic blue and metallic red really stand out.

Vapor King recently introduced an all-new atomizer and cartridge system called eTank. Containing no cotton or absorbent material on the inside, the new eTank cartridge system allows for a cleaner taste and a more dependable vaping experience. The only potential negative is that the new cartridges do not last quite as long as their traditional counterparts do.

Vapor King offers more than eight different eLiquid flavors with which you can fill your cartridges. Some of the most popular flavors include Tobacco, Menthol, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Cherry, Apple and Strawberry. The tobacco flavor is full bodied and very bold, resulting in an acute throat hit – the sensation experienced while smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. Those seeking a smoother and more subtle vaping experience may want to consider more mild and palatable options such as Cherry, Apple or Strawberry.

Since Vapor King offers both automatic and manual batteries, you have the option to choose a battery that offers a more authentic smoking experience, automatic, or to select one that affords you more flexibility over the amount of vapor you inhale, manual. A manual battery offers more flexibility but requires you to activate a button located on the outside the battery to initiate operation. Most people switching from conventional cigarettes to eCigarettes prefer the simplicity of automatic batteries.

Vapor King users will enjoy approximately 200 puffs per battery charge, with batteries lasting somewhere between 200 to 300 charges before they need to be replaced. This number is competitive with industry standards.

The company falls short in providing comprehensive customer support and help. While Vapor King offers toll-free telephone and email support, it does not provide a FAQs page or live chat support. On the upside, a one-year warranty accompanies all Vapor King products, with the exception of its atomizers.

Vapor King Summary:
Vapor King may be a familiar name in the eCigarette industry, but the company is experiencing difficulty separating its eCigs from products that are more well rounded. While the decision to offer both automatic and manual batteries will appeal to a broader audience base, the lack of flavor options coupled with less-than-stellar customer service places the Vapor King kit squarely behind the eight ball.…