Blue Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review 2013

Unlike manual vapes, Blu Cigs deliver nicotine by simply puffing on the device. The tip glows every time you take a drag, mimicking the look and feel of a traditional cigarette. The taste of Blu is also very realistic – cartridges come in a range of flavors and strengths suited to different tastes. Taking e-cigarette design to another level, Blu Cigs offers a charging case that looks exactly like your regular flip-top box. Store up to five flavor cartridges plus a spare battery and slip it into your pocket just as you would with a regular pack.

Blu Cigs has even added a social feature to its charging cases, which notifies users when they are close to a retailer or when other Blu smokers are within a certain range.

These e-cigs can be used virtually anywhere including restaurants, bars and airport lounges. Some airlines even allow passengers to use Blu e-cigs while on board.

Blue Cigs takes pride in using only US-made ingredients in its e-liquid, formulated by smoke juice leader Johnson Creek.

Pros and Cons

Appearance is closest to a real cigarette
Convenient charging carry case is included in the starter kit
Remarkable taste from American-made Johnson Creek Smoke Juice
Great throat hit
Lightweight and compact
Excellent battery responsiveness
Offers disposables
Refill cartridge purchases include significant quantity discounts
Free shipping
One-year limited warranty
30 day money-back guarantee

Vaporizers volume is below average
Short battery life
Full Blu Cigs Review
Blu is designed for smokers who are trying to quit tobacco or simply looking for a healthier alternative. Not only do they sell electronic cigarettes – it is selling freedom. As pressure from passive smokers continues to build, more than 80% of Americans now find themselves living under some form of smoking ban.

You can smoke virtually anywhere, without leaving ash and cigarette butts all over the place. The appearance and taste of Blu weed vape are very similar to normal cigarettes. Even the Blu case looks like a flip-top pack, doubling as an on-the-go charger for your Blu batteries. The lightweight design is crumple-resistant, protecting your e-cigarettes from accidental damage and exposure to the elements.

Packaging and Style
The moment you open your Blu Cigs starter kit, you will be impressed with the quality and design of the product. Everything is well-crafted and packed for optimal convenience.

While most e-cigarette companies are busy trying to create every possible battery color, Blu eCigs takes the classy and sophisticated approach: black or white, with a thin gold band and the stylish Blu logo. The Blu Cigs battery is lightweight, compact and very easy to hold.

In keeping with the latest innovations in e-cigarette technology, Blu atomizers are now built directly into the flavor cartridge. The mouthpiece of each cartridge is covered with a silicone tip to prevent leakage. One-hole intake allows for maximized draw and resistance for a real cigarette feel.

To start using Blu E Cigs, attach a flavor cartridge to the battery and take several quick puffs. A blue light will glow at the tip of the ecig every time you draw on it.

The portable battery pack is one of Blu’s biggest attractions. Rather than connecting your ecig to a USB charger, you simply insert the battery in the case. There are seven slots in each pack, five to hold your cartridges, one to hold your spare battery, and one for charging. The inside of the pack is clearly labeled with easy-to-read icons to help keep everything organized.

Charging is very convenient – just drop your ecigs into the slots and close the flap, no …