Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

The Da Buddha Vaporizer built by 7th Floor, the manufacturers of the Silver Surfer Vaporizer, is an aromatherapy vape which uses a glass wand/whip system that provides the consumer with a hands-free vaporizer. 7th Floor is a company situated in Colorado Springs, USA, which is where all their vaporizers, including the Silver Surfer Vaporizer are manufactured.

Da Buddha Vaporizer, known by its creators as the Silver Surfer Vaporizer’s little brother is an excellent affordable whip style vaporizer that gives easy temperature control for light to dense vapors. Also like its brother the SSV, Da Buddha is manufactured with a heavy duty aluminum body built to withstand daily abuse. Unlike its brother the Da Buddha has an additional cote which renders it scratch resistant. There are also specially made cases available should you require further protection.

The Da Buddha is available in two different colors – Silver and Black. The Black DBV costs slightly more because of the anodizing process associated with making it from silver to black. The shell is constructed of 1/5″ hardened aluminum and it has 4 rubber feet on the base in order to keep it stable. Aluminum was chosen for the casing of the vaporizer because it isn’t a fire hazard like wood and aluminum is a brilliant conductor for heat which keeps the outside cool. The DBV also includes a manual, spare screens and three year warranty against manufacturer faults.

For the first couple of uses you will need to try various heat settings to find the one suitable for you, this will obviously be effected by how dry/damp your smoke is. A higher temperature will generate a thicker vapor which will be more like traditional bong smoking; which is not what we want. A lower temperature will make for a better vaporizing session. Unfortunately there is no LED display but the DBV sports a knob to change the temperature. I personally have it set at 2 O’clock, but again its all down to your herb & preference. Apparently most herbs will com-bust at between 150-180C and the DBV’s lowest temp is at 200C so a lower temp will work best! Once you have had a session, if the remaining herb is a golden brown color then you have an ideal heat setting, should your bud be black then next time try a lower heat.

7th Floor has certainly out-done themselves in terms of manufacturing. Mouthpieces are produced from safe materials and all glass is heat resistant. The Da Buddha has all hot elements covered from the path of the vapor, this ensures that the vapor is as clean as it could possibly be – 7th Floor are the only company to do this. 7th floor have also looked at various other heating elements, and produced their own using the best features from each one studied. This ceramic heating element is patented and generates results in two minutes which is fantastic. A carrying bag made from natural hemp is also included with all Da Buddha vaporizers and has compartments for all the DBV accessories which is quite handy for trips away etc.

Overall, I regard this product as an exceptional vaporizer in terms of its features and price. I will admit, it’s not the best available but it certainly won’t disappoint!…