Dry Herb Pens

Dry Herb Pens

Dry herb pens will only do dry herb vape pen, or “flowers” as they are commonly referred to. This is due to a specific cartridge with a different type of heating element that is tailored for this specific task. As flowers are what is most commonly vaporized, dry herb vaporizer pen are among the most popular.

Dry herb pens are more or less just a portable version of the original vaporizers which were desk top units that had to use an electrical outlet to function.With the new innovations in cartridges and smaller, more powerful batteries, dry herb pens often do just as good a job putting out vapor as their larger brothers. However, you will only be able to use substantially less herbs per session as the cartridges are much smaller.

The battery would probably be the most important element to consider when purchasing a dry herb pen as a smaller battery will likely leave you recharging often. As it takes more energy to vaporizer dry herb as opposed to oil, you will find this style of vaporizer has a shorter battery life. It is recommended to choose a dry herb pen with a good high voltage and a large capacity.

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