Extreme Vaporizer

Extreme Vaporizer

Extreme Vaporizer Introduction
This is a Brand New Vaporizer which is manufactured and designed by Arizer in Canada.

Extreme Vaporizer includes:
1 pc. Extreme Vaporizer 2.0 Hot Air Generator
2 pc. Balloon Kits
1 pc. Balloon Whip Attachment
1 pc. Vapor Whip
2 pc. Tube Mouthpieces
1 pc. Aromatherapy Bowl
2 pc. Cyclone Bowls
1 pc. Glass Stir Tool
2 pc. ¾ Replacement Screens
1 pc. 110 v Power Cord
1 pc. Operational Manual
The Extreme Vaporizer, best portable dry herb vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty. This vaporizer has a redesigned control system with digital temperature and a remote control.

Extreme Vaporizer Remote Control Unit
The Extreme Vaporizer has the ultimate feature of the remote control. The remote control helps you in adjusting the setting of the temperature, powering the vaporizer off and on and can also set the speed of the fans.

Extreme Vaporizer Functionality
As this is a multi functioning vaporizer, it places the unit in the reserved class for the vaporizers like the Volcano Vaporizer.

A person can not only use the Extreme Vaporizer to vaporize, but can also use it as an Ambient Aromatherapy, Steamer and Oil diffuser.

Extreme Vaporizer Balloon Fill System or Whip Usuage
The Extreme Vaporizer gives the option of using as a direct inhalation system or can fill a balloon for slower extraction.

The Extreme Vaporizer has features of motionless tubing for the experience of the rich vaporization and also includes 3 Speeds for the fan so you can choose how quickly you want to inhale.

Extreme Vaporizer Auto Shut-Off
As most of us are concerned with the safety of a vaporizer, with the Extreme Vaporizer the auto-shutoff allows the user to forget about it and allow the unit to turn off safely by itself. If you like an alternative, you can see this vaporizer store.

Extreme Vaporizer Warranty Information
The Lifetime Warranty for the Extreme Vaporizer covers the functionality of the unit, so it only applies to the failure of the heater.

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