iVape Vaporizer

iVape Vaporizer

iVape Vaporizer Preface
The iVape Vaporizer was brought to us by Dr. Greens who is known for their cleansing products and Detox Products, so you know that they have made a very safe and affective Vaporizer.

iVape Vaporizer includes:
1 pc. iVape Vaporizer Base Unit
1 pc. Standard Vapor Whip
1 pc. Stir Tool
1 pc. iVape Vaporizer Operating Instructions
The iVape Vaporizer has its own style and flair with a unique Aztec look and utmost durability which will last you from time to come.

iVape Vaporizer best vaporizer for dry herb
To obtain just the right Vapor hold the Standard Vapor Whip of the iVape Vaporizer to the iVape Heating Element Cover, touching the two together, while taking a long slow draw.

iVape Vaporizer Warranty Information
The iVape Vaporizer comes with a 3 year warranty, which is considered excellent for such an inexpensive unit. Further more the heating element cover is replaceable which in most Standard units is not, which makes your iVape even more valuable.

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