Electronic Cigarettes on Planes Recommends That It’s Best to Be Cautious

Portable vaporizers on Planes Recommends That It’s Best to Be Cautious

During the early days of portable weed vaporizer marketing, it was common for companies to make statements like, ‘smoke anywhere’ or ‘vape where ever tobacco cigarettes aren’t allowed’. Such marketing tactics have been questioned recently, especially when it comes to in-flight vaping. People who smoke may be inclined to use some sort of nicotine device when flying because they are:
anxious while in flight
weary from extended travel
stressed from the airport environment
truly terrified of flying.
Some will choose to use the nicotine patch while others make use of inhalers, gum, lozenges, or pharmaceutical products. Unfortunately, electronic cigarettes are an option on fewer flights around the world .
Planes in the UK
Current UK law does not include e-cigarettes in public smoking bans. In essence, it is legal to vape in any public place with one exception: when a property owner or manager objects to such activity. The ability to object allows for wide latitude among all industries, including airlines. A few years ago, it was not uncommon for airlines to welcome electronic cigarettes among smoking passengers. However, that’s starting to change. Surveys taken among the largest airlines flying in the UK shows a growing trend of banning the devices in-flight. Interestingly enough, the most common reason offered for not allowing electronic cigarettes on planes is the fact that they could cause confusion to others. Airline executives say that if vaping is confused with smoking, it could encourage other smokers to light up tobacco cigarettes – which are definitely not allowed. It would appear as though the question of second hand vapor is not even considered within the UK airline industry. And with good reason. Research referenced by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) and others shows there’s nothing to be concerned about.
Planes in the US
The situation in the USA is a bit different. To understand, it first must be noted that there is no national policy toward smoking in America. Smoking regulations are left to individual states and municipalities. Therefore, no nationwide e-cigarette ban exists. In 2011, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that e-cigarettes are included in the smoking ban for US-based planes. However, that rule has never been codified as an official regulation. It is just a statement made by an agency spokesperson and issued in a press release. So technically, vaping on American planes is still legal under the law. That said, every US airline has a policy against the practice. That essentially makes the FAA regulations a moot point. Airlines have the right to limit vaping in the US, just as they do in the UK.
Quick Summary
In summary, the best advice we can offer is always to use caution if you plan to use electronic cigarettes on planes. You might consider asking the flight crew about company policy before you use your personal vaporizer. Don’t forget, every airline has a different policy so check it out first .…


Your Definitive Guide to Electronic Cigarettes

Trying out electronic cigarettes for the first time is guaranteed to be an interesting experience. Perhaps you have heard of these innovative devices before or seen them advertised on TV or on-line. Maybe you just haven’t yet gotten around to giving them a try, but you are definitely curious. Electronic cigarettes are special because they provide an experience that is virtually identical to cigarette smoking. That’s right – electronic cigarettes look and feel a lot like real cigarettes. You get all of the smoking pleasure without almost any of the downsides, and all of this comes at an extraordinarily low price by comparison to a tobacco habit.
How electronic cigarettes work
Most rechargeable electronic cigarettes these days are 2-piece models. The two main parts include a cartomizer (containing your choice of flavor and nicotine strength e-liquid, as well as a built-in atomizer), and a rechargeable battery. The battery powers the atomizer inside the cartomizer, which completes the purpose of converting the nicotine solution known as “e-liquid” into a water-based vapor that is perfect for inhalation. Rechargeable e cigarettes can use pre-filled cartomizers that need to be replaced whenever the e-liquid is depleted. Couple in a café vaping electronic cigarettes from VapestickYou can buy refill cartomizers for an astoundingly low price. On-line electronic cigarette stores often sell pre-filled cartomizers in packs 2 to 5. Each cartomizer usually costs around £2, and lasts the equivalent of up to 25 to 30 cigarettes of ‘smoke time’, depending on the brand and model selected. Given the price of a packed of 20 cigarettes today is over £8, you can see the potential for big money savings is high. Most electronic cigarettes work with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. You can recharge this battery using a USB charger on any compatible device, or pairing it with a wall plug adaptor and using any standard mains socket. From some companies you can purchase Charger Case, allowing you to recharge depleted batteries ‘on the go’ too. Most e smoking gurus recommend always having 2 or more batteries for your electronic cigarette, as this enables you to have back-up power whilst you re-charge the other battery.
Which one to buy?
There are quite a few different options to look into these days. If you have never smoked an electronic cigarette before, then you might want to give disposable electronic cigarettes a try. These cost between 6 and 10 pounds and you’ll get a unit that will last you a fair amount of puff time (130 to 800 puffs, depending on which model you go for) – at least long enough to make up your mind about investing in a rechargeable model. Electronic cigarettes are fairly easy to obtain from on-line and retails stores, so at this stage, its the price that will probably be the main thing that concerns you. Rechargeable electronic cigarettes are the option of choice for e-smokers who want to stay e-smokers. You can save a lot of money with electronic cigarettes. You’d have to spend between 20 to 50 pounds on a good quality e-cig starter kit and then purchase refills regularly thereafter, and, less frequently, batteries (every 8 to 10 weeks to maintain optimum performance). The money you save on a rechargeable e-cig is a lot more than offered by disposable electronic cigarettes, but the disposable variety are usually the ideal option for those who are at first unsure of e cigs and want to try them out before investing for the longer term in either a single or full e-cigarette starter kit. Once you have made the full time switch to vaping, a …


Why E-Cigarettes are the Best Smoking Alternative

Steady Stream of vape News Shows Popularity of Products
Here’s a question: how often do you hear news reports about nicotine patches or smoking cessation pharmaceuticals? Not very often at all. The fact is that these products are not very popular among smokers. Yet the steady stream of e-cig news being made available almost on a daily basis only serves to demonstrate how popular vaping products are .According to recent statistics there are approximately:
1.3 million e-cig users in the UK
2.3 million e-cig users in Germany
more than 2 million e-cig users in the US
500,000 e-cig users in France
500,000 e-cig users in Italy.
The statistics do not even take into account the millions of others around the world using this incredible tobacco alternative. Perhaps it would be beneficial for us to discuss the reasons why these products are so popular. Group of friends playing pool vaping e cigs
Meeting Needs of Smokers
There are those in society who thoroughly enjoy smoking to the extent that sadly they do not intend to ever give it up. At the same time, they know cigarette smoke has some nasty side effects of which they want no part. The problem is finding a suitable substitute that allows them to continue enjoying the habit of smoking without the smoke itself. Enter the electronic cigarette. E-cigarettes are the perfect smoking alternative because they meet all of the needs of the smoker without the dangerous smoke. Consider the following:
the e-cig gives you something familiar to hold in your hand
nicotine delivery is through inhalation, just like a tobacco cigarette
e-cigs allow the smoker to continue the social aspects of the habit.
According to Dr. Michael Siegel of Boston University, a leading authority on tobacco and a good friend of the e-cigarette industry, the habit of smoking is at least as addictive as nicotine itself; for some people even more so. He talks about this and many other topics on his highly regarded Tobacco Analysis blog.
Meeting Goals of Anti-Smoking Campaigns
One of the more interesting ironies of most e-cig news stories is the fact that statistics like those we referenced above are used to demonstrate the popularity of vaping. Yet those same stories go on to decry e-cigarettes as not being effective for smoking cessation. We cannot say whether e-cigarettes do help people quit smoking based on clinical evidence. However, we can say that for every smoker who makes the switch, that’s fewer tobacco cigarettes being consumed. It’s no coincidence that worldwide tobacco revenues have fallen proportionally due to the increase in electronic cigarette sales. The fact that Big Tobacco is also now involved in the industry is further evidence that e-cigarettes are helping to achieve the goals set forth by anti-smoking organizations. So then, it would appear the question comes down to what the benefits of using e-cigarettes for harm reduction might be. The researchers at Tobacco Harm Reduction are pursuing answers to this question as part of their ongoing mission. Dr. Siegel also speaks extensively on this topic.…


Electronic cigarette design components

Take a look under the hood and find out how White Cloud oil vaporizer pen work.

How E Cigarettes Work
An cheap vaporizer is a nicotine delivery device that produces flavored vapor rather than smoke. There are two primary types of e cigarette: disposable and rechargeable. Disposables are one-piece systems and are simply enjoyed for as long as their nicotine fluid lasts, then replaced when the product ceases to produce vapor. They do not require charging or refilling. A rechargeable e dry vaporizer is composed of two parts — a cartridge that holds the nicotine-infused liquid and the battery. The battery is charged as needed and the cartridge replaced when fluid has been exhausted.

Product Components
A White Cloud e cigarette battery is comprised of a battery case, a lithium polymer battery, an LED indicator, the cartridge connector, a stopper, and an ash tip. When you inhale, the rechargeable lithium polymer battery powers the heating coil, converting the nicotine liquid and flavors into a vapor and the LED indicator lights up at the ash tip. The cartridge connector allows for a perfect fit with all of White Cloud’s ClearDraw and SmoothDraw cartridges.

Electronic Cigarette – How It Works
Electronic Cigarette Cartridge – Smooth Draw Technology
The White Cloud e cigarette cartridge is perfectly engineered to deliver the highest possible vaping experience. The design begins with the cartridge’s scavenging whiskers, three extra long braided whiskers that increase the amount of liquid contacting the heater coil.

Next is the high density captive wadding. This section of material prevents flooding of the heater coil and provides adequate liquid to be scavenged by the whiskers. Then comes the low density captive wadding. This material holds the majority of the liquid captive, providing additional protection against coil flood. All of this is placed inside the casing, then wrapped with lightweight vinyl packaging, allowing you to vape in comfort and style.…


Analogues or ECigs Now Offer Both Choices

In the old days, there were not many attractive choices for tobacco smokers looking for an alternative. Smokers could choose from nicotine patches, gum, inhalers, medications, and snus. However, all of these products have one glaring problem: they do not satisfy the needs of the smoker by replicating the smoking experience. Enter the age of electronics. Cigarettes containing tobacco are now being quickly replaced by an electronic alternative that offers:
something to hold in your hand
the hand-to-mouth experience
the ability to self-regulate nicotine intake
a remarkably similar experience.
Replicating the Experience
Critics of electronic cigarettes cannot understand why smokers love them as they do. What they do not realize is that the smoking habit is about a lot more than simply inhaling nicotine. It includes the following components:
The Habit – Smoking involves several different habitual behaviors including holding a cigarette in the hand and putting it to the mouth to inhale. These habitual behaviors are just as strong in the lives of smokers as biting the fingernails or compulsively hand washing is to others.
The Experience – It goes without saying that most smokers find the experience very relaxing and calming. That’s why so many smokers begin and end the day with a cigarette. It’s not the nicotine that calms and soothes ­– nicotine is a stimulant – it is the experience.
Social Aspects – Have you seen groups of smokers congregate together at pubs or other entertainment venues? That’s because smoking is as much a social event as a personal habit. Whether cigarettes are analogues or electronics, that social aspect is important in the life of the smoker.
A Smoking Alternative
Now that we’ve established why smokers find electronic cigarettes more attractive than tobacco smoking, it is important to note that the products are manufactured and sold as a ‘tobacco alternative’. Nothing more, nothing less. Companies like E cig intend our products only for adults who currently use tobacco. As Boston University’s Dr. Michael Siegel so eloquently puts it, companies like E cig are not in the business of creating new smokers or encouraging current smokers to keep smoking. We want them to stop smoking by switching to vaping instead. E cig does promote electronic cigarettes as the best tobacco alternative based on our own experience and the response of our customers. Just take a few moments to read some of the comments left on our website to see for yourself. You might even consider joining the E-Cigarette Forum if you want to know what vapers around the world are saying about the products.
Choosing E cig
Not only are vaporizers the best tobacco alternative out there, E cig is one of the best brands in the UK. We challenge you to put our products to the test if you are still using tobacco. If you’re using another e-cig brand, why not compare it to E cig. E cig has long been an industry leader in the UK, having been one of the first companies to bring the products to this country. Since then, we have built a loyal customer base through quality products and great prices. We invite you to join the E cig community today. When it comes to the choice between analogues and electronics, cigarettes from E cig are the clear winner.…


Apollo best dry herb vaporizer

In a tech world where design and style often replace substance and usability, vaporizers manufacturers often weight looks over functionality. Such is not the case with Apollo. Adopting the philosophy that simplicity is often best, Apollo eschews a broad selection of batteries in favor of either black or white. While the colors may not elicit much excitement, the battery retains a clean and polished appearance.

Countering the lack of battery selection, Premium offers more than a dozen high-grade eLiquids. Apollo makes all its eLiquids in the U.S., and they contain 99-percent pure, laboratory-grade nicotine. Apollo’s eLiquid is contained in small, 10-milliliter childproof bottles that can be easily tucked away in your pocket, enabling you to fill your blank cartridges on the go. Many of Apollo’s eLiquids represent a playful twist on some of your favorite childhood desserts and candies.

While you certainly won’t confuse Apollo’s vapor production with the billowing plumes of smoke emitted from traditional cigarettes, Apollo’s vaporizer is substantial. We appreciate the significant throat hit (the sensation in the back of the throat experienced when smoking a traditional cigarette) associated with this eCigarette’s vapor.

This Apollo unit comes with an automatic battery. Many eCig smokers prefer an automatic battery because it seems to provide a much more authentic smoking experience. Each charge of the included batteries grants you an astounding 350 to 400 puffs, or the equivalent of 35 to 40 cigarettes. These numbers put the Apollo Kit at the forefront of the eCigarette industry in this category.

Providing you take proper care of your Apollo batteries, you will be able to charge each battery roughly 300 times before it dies.

Not only does Apollo offer sterling customer service, but the areas of support featured on its website are laid out clearly. Toll-free telephone support is available weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Along with thorough FAQs, Apollo furnishes its customers with a convenient and helpful live chat feature.

Included on Apollo’s homepage is a practical savings calculator that tallies how much you will save by switching from traditional cigarettes to Apollo eCigarettes. Along with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty, Apollo offers free shipping on all orders over $30.

Despite minimal design options, the excellent battery life, selection of nicotine levels, good vapor production and quality customer service make the Apollo Kit worth considering.…


Easy Vape Vaporizer Review

The Easy Vape vaporizer designed by YA Industries was released in 2008 and is still one of the cheapest vaporizers available on the market today. Is the vaporizer so cheap because of a lack of quality and functionality? Well let’s find out…

The Easy Vape is a box style vaporizer for home use and a whip/tube is used in order to inhale. The vaporizer itself is a sleek box measuring up to about 5″x5″x5″, its constructed out of durable plastic which is heat resistant, has a removal fuse at the rear of the vaporizer which is great for power surges, it sports a knob for changing the temperature and a red LCD display that shows the temperature. It’s available in three colors; black, silver & honey mustard and is considered by many vaporizer addicts as an ideal first vape for people just getting into vaporizers.

The vaporizer is convection style vape which uses hot air to vaporize the herb. Using the Easy Vape couldn’t be simpler; it’s just a case of filling whatever herb you have into the end of the glass whip and attaching it to the unit. The vaporizer definitely does its name justice. I use about 0.3 grams of dried herb but there is a guideline on the herb bowl which is great should you be unsure. But like most vaporizers, not much herb is needed to produce satisfying results. The glass whip is about a foot long which is great for any table and also see through which makes it easier when toking. Temperature wise I set it to about 320-330 degrees, some people prefer the temperature a bit higher but this is all down to personal preference. The Easy Vape normally takes about five minutes to reach the required temperature but then you are good to toke!

After much testing I agree with my previous comment that this is ideal for newbie vapers, the price cannot be argued with and its delivery certainly exceeds the cost. However, for a static vaporizer I was expecting a little more, I found that it was a little hard to take a toke in comparison to other similar vaporizers and the amount of vapor produced was somewhat inconsistent regardless of using the same herb and amount. Although the vapor it produces is a good amount and pleasant tasting it is not a patch on other vaporizers, but again for the price you can’t argue. I certainly wouldn’t recommend getting rid of your Volcano or Arizer vaporizer to purchase one but this will definitely satisfy the needs of a person purchasing a vaporizer for the first time. The Easy Vape also comes with a five year warranty on the heating element which makes it even more of a bargain.…


100 Pack of Fling Original – Disposable E-Cigs

Curious about e cigarettes? Buy a 100 Pack of Fling disposable vaporizers and say goodbye to tobacco cigarettes. Lasts about as long as two full packs of regular tobacco cigarettes.

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes in the United States is estimated to be approximately $5.51 after tax. When you work out the math, two packs of regular cigarettes will set you back around $11. Compare that to $3.25 for your Fling disposable and the savings for a pack-a-day smoker could add up to $2,800 or more.

Choose from an assortment of delectable flavors including everything from the smooth, mellow flavor of regular tobacco or classic menthol to more imaginative creations like the sweet and tangy Bad Apple, the robustness of Espresso and spicy Cinnamon disposable e cigs, among many others. There’s a flavor and strength option for every craving.

The optional Retail Display Kit includes 1 counter-top display box that holds approximately 40 Flings, 1 poster, and 1 window cling.

Disposable vaporizer comparison

Additional Information:

Length: 4.5 inches (11.5 cm)
Diameter: 3/8 inches (1 cm)
Weight: 10 grams
Battery Type: LiPo
Battery Life: 7-9 hours (400+ puffs)
Charge Time: No charging
Finally – an e-cig with a good battery Review by Robert
Bought a bunch (a dozen) of these for my wife. Of the dozen, only one had a bad battery. Ordinarily, one out of 12 might not be acceptable. But . . . I went thru a half dozen other brands and none of them lasted more than about 30-50 puffs. The Fling lasts all day for my pack + smoking spouse. (Posted on 12/4/13)
Still in love with WC Review by denise
I can’t seem to come up with any complaints about ANYTHING. I use only flings but they last long, taste great, make me not stink, and they get here super fast. i don’t have anything bad to say. I hope WC keeps selling the 100 pk. and have sales. Fling a Friend is Fun and Valuable as well as profitable for the customers and the company. GREAT Marketing and Sales, keep that up. A WIN ALL AROUND!!! (Posted on 9/25/13)
Good but overstated Review by bestguest
First off why does the 100 pack cost $3.25 per unit while the 10 pack costs $3 per unit? Bulk orders should be going down not up. Odd strategy penalizing the bigger customers.

As for the product itself

Battery life perfectly matches fluid life it seems. Good taste, good hit, smokey vape. Never leaks, never get a burnt taste on the atomizer/carto which is a frequent problem when you diy using eliquids. Before anything can go wrong its done and you swap out. Reliable and easy so its a good choice if you don’t want additional stress to quitting.

However as an ex pack and a half a day full flavor smoker these aren’t anywhere near 2 packs worth if you are using the American 20 count. (maybe a foreign 10/16)

I go through about 2 units a day from what I have been using so I would say each lasts 3/4 to 1 pack providing you draw to inhale it like a normal smoker instead of just getting your lips foggy with a pew poof.

So durable, good tasting, but short lived and thus expensive. Do note it can be assumed to be much healthier as using these alone you regain your full sense of smell and breathing becomes easier. So its worth it but the lifespan is deeply overstated.

(Posted on 9/1/13)
Love these Review by B
The are the …