Vaporizer Health Benefits Highlighted in VaporNation Article

Vaporizer Health Benefits Highlighted in VaporNation Article

(EMAILWIRE.COM, August 27, 2008 ) Marina Del Rey, CA – In a drive to spread awareness about vaporizers and the benefits of using them, online vaporizer superstore, Herbal Vapor (, has posted an article highlighting the health benefits of longterm vaporizer usage as compared to smoking. The article is available for reading at, Offering all popular brands of vaporizers and vaporizer accessories, Herbal Vapor, the online venture of Better Life Products, Inc., accepts orders online.

The article entitled ‘Vaporizers-The Healthier Alternative’ aims at educating the general public on vaporizers and why they should be the preferred choice. Facts in the article are substantiated by various studies conducted at leading universities across the country. “Vaporizers are in vogue but few really know all about them, especially how they are beneficial for our health. Sure, everyone knows about how they don’t burn herbs and eliminate tar and carbon fumes, but our article gives an in-depth look at the whole deal. You will not find such a detailed analysis anywhere!”, says Mr. Jeffrey Sherman, Managing Director of Better Life Products.

The article is accompanied by a full PDF version of all the studies. “The article is actually a summary of what is given in the PDF. Readers can save the PDF for future references”, says Mr. Sherman. The article is a well researched look at why vaporizers should be preferred over smoking and how they keep lungs healthy. The two studies to prove this are summarized in the article. The detailed studies are in the PDF.

“I always thought vaporizers were just stylish to look at and didn’t really make a lot of difference. A friend referred the VaporNation article to me and now I am of a different opinion. I was so convinced that I went right ahead and ordered a vaporizer for myself”, says Jake who has been using a HotBox Vaporizer for over a month now. “I can feel the difference. I am no longer short of breath while climbing stairs. My time on the treadmill has also increased”, he shares.

“Our aim at HerbalVapor is not just to make sales. We also aim at spreading the right information about vaporizers, their use and benefits. We want to make sure that our customers are well equipped with all information”, says Mr. Sherman who believes that making sales is not as important as educating. “Moreover, if our customers are confident that we know our products inside-out, they are bound to return. Trust and confidence what bring customers back”, he asserts.

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